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See what customers are saying about our Vector Optics Products, Our Customer Service Staff, and Shipping. These are just a few reviews that customers have posted on our site since we officially launched in July 2013. You can see more product reviews on each individual products page and look for many more to come now that we offer our Vector Optics brand directly to you from our site at discounted prices.

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Customer Reviews of Vector Optics Products, Customer Service and Shipping

Rating Forester 1-5x24.
This is a great scope , the length , weight , the lack of bell on the front , The scope is very very clear as they said edge to edge , the only light in it is a small dot in the center of the perfect plex , the dot is much smaller than most red dot scopes , the price is low enough that one might question the value BUT DONT , shipping time was 2 days longer than real quick so that's all good , this is the second one I bought I gave the first to a woman when she was so amazed how clear it is and she wanted one very bad . I can not put any cons here for this scope Thank You " Lostchild ".
Reviewed by: from So. East Mo.on 2/14/2018

Rating Simply Awesome Scope
5 STARS + I purchased the Grizzly 1.5-6x56 purely on its specifications and hoping for the best. I needed a short range scope for hunting Feral Hogs/Coyotes at night that was tough, could take a lot of abuse and work well in low light. This thing has exceeded all my expectations. Being overly blessed with nearby opportunities I hunt a minimum of 2-3 times per week so this thing has seen a major amount of really rough field use and has held its zero on a high recoiling rifle. I use Sniper Hog lights 50lrx and game Identification out to 300 yards isn’t any problem even on small animals on a dark night. I recommended it to several friends who have also been very impressed with their purchases. I’ll not hesitate to buy from them again.
Reviewed by: from central North Carolina.on 11/16/2017

Rating Mustang 1.5-4x30 Great Scope
Have this on my Bushmaster 5.56mm. Holds zero, dime size shot group at 100yds.
Reviewed by: from Michigan.on 10/17/2016

Rating Paladin 4-16x50 Great scope for the money
Bought this scope from local dealer at a gun show. Went home and mounted it on my LR308. Sighted in @ 300yds with ease. Took it Wyoming 6 months later and was hitting 1000yds shots and the image was still clear. My buddy had a $1200 scope and this one held up with it shot for shot. Looking to by the Sagittarius next for my Rem 700.
Reviewed by: from Freeland PA.on 4/26/2015

Rating Counterpunch 6-25x56 Best Scope I Ever Owned
After researching many brand name and then some off brand scopes, I decided that this one was the best quality for the best price...and I was right. This is the best scope I've ever owned. Sold my Leupold for this one. Right move. Also, the staff was friendly, shipping was super fast and their communication was excellent. I recommend this scope and company to anyone.
Reviewed by: from Atlanta, Georgia.on 2/27/2014

Rating The Sphinx Green Dot Reflex Sight
I bought this to use this on my pistol or rifle. Its great for moving targets. It is very light and made from great material.
Reviewed by: from Kennesaw, Georgia. on 7/22/2013

RatingGreat laser flashlight
I do a lot of hog and coon hunting at night and this green laser flashlight was just what I needed. The adjustable beam allows you to put a green circle 20 feet around your target area for easy aiming. Absolutely live it, great purchase.
Reviewed by: from North Carolina. on 8/24/2013

Rating RDSL04 Reflex Sight
This is made of great solid quality materials, no plastic like you see other sights. The Multi-Reticle optics are really good. Great Quality and a good price.
Reviewed by: from Roanoke, Virginia. on 7/31/2013

Rating Forester 3-15x50 Awesome Scope
I picked this up for hunting on my .270 and I love it. The quality of this scope and the digital reticle is unbelievable. I set it up with a bore sighter then went out to the range and had it zeroed in at 100 yards with 5 shots. I put 30 or so rounds through it and I'm getting 1" groupings all day long. Thanks VectorOptics!
Reviewed by: from Arkansas. on 7/11/2013

Rating Bright Flashlight, grip, laser combo
Very sturdy and bright flashlight. The laser is clearly visible in day and night. At night i'd estimate the range is like up to a mile.... also has a less powerful flashlight for viewing. This is a great accessory to any rifle. I love the trigger operation and rechargeable batteries. Super fast shipping too!
Reviewed by: from Shreveport, Louisiana. on 8/1/2013

Rating Excellent scope with integrated laser.
Very nice quality, was easy to install the scope and get everything sighted in. Vector Optics is a well known name and they have nothing but quality products. And the customer service was great. I called in and spoke to Kim, she helped me out, got me what I needed and I'm very pleased. Ordered on Wednesday and was sitting at my doorstep on Friday when I got home from work.
Reviewed by: from Orangeburg, SC. on 7/15/2013

Rating SCRA-18B Works great on my home defense shotgun
Mounted right up no issues. Sight is very clear, was easy to setup and is a great quick target acquisition reflex/holographic sight. Construction is all metal, nicely built. Shipping was super fast, got it in 2 days. I'm really glad Vector is now selling directly to the public from this website now because the prices are great and you can actually call and talk to someone.
Reviewed by: from Fayetteville, NC. on 8/13/2013

Rating Sagittarius 10-40x56 Review
Very nice scope. I like the illumination and adjustment turrets. Fast delivery and easy setup.
Reviewed by: from Dayton, Ohio. on 8/3/2013

Rating Apophis 1-8x26 Nice compact scope
I picked this up to go on .308 and I really like it. It's super compact and looks really nice on my gun. I wish I could upload pictures. The mounts are really heavy duty (6 bolts per mount). No problems getting is sighted in at 200 yards. Took me just a few rounds and I love the illumination. Thanks Vector Optics for a quality scope!
Reviewed by: from Buford, SC. on 8/20/2013

Rating Very well built and functioning scope
I use this on my AR15 and i'm really impressed with the quality of the construction and performance. It holds its accuracy very well after 100's of rounds of .223. I like the reticle level as well, makes it easy to line things up. Scope is clear, illumination is nice and the adjustments turrets are very easy to adjust.
Reviewed by: from Cumming, Ga. on 7/18/2013

Rating Love this green laser
Picked this up from the store in Easley a few days ago and it's great. The green laser is actually visible during the daytime and the distance it travels at night is incredible. You can actually see the laser going through the air at night which is really cool. The construction is great and it mounted to my 40cal with no issues. This piece is all metal, be careful about the cheaper knock-offs you see on ebay and amazon, this one is the real deal.
Reviewed by: from Anderson, SC. on 8/18/2013

Rating This is a solid tactical grip
This this is the best made grip I've ever had. It's solid aluminum construction, has heavy duty O-rings to keep it from being damaged by water. Mounted right up to my quadrail with no issues. Having rechargeable batteries and a changer is a plus and at this price you can't go wrong. If you're looking for a well built grip with built-in light this is a good choice.
Reviewed by: from Newberry, SC. on 8/7/2013

Rating 3x Magnifier Nice Scope
This scope is top notch. Very durable and great magnification. Good customer service and received package within 3 days.
Reviewed by: from Nevada. on 8/23/2013