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About Vector Optics LLC

We are an internet based retailer/wholesaler of high quality, low cost shooting accessories. We are first and foremost committed to excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. We understand upfront that success depends on you the customer. This company is comprised of people that have been shooting and hunting for most of our lives and understand the need for quality scopes and sights.

We are firm believers and supporters of The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights. We wish to promote the great sport of shooting by offering quality shooting accessories at a reasonable price.

Our company offers the shooting public sights, scopes and accessories with features that will stack up against products costing twice the price. The products we offer have been carefully selected and tested by our staff. We feel that you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality you receive versus the price you pay. Our Vector Optics brand has been sold for many years to distributors all over the United States and we are now offering our products directly to the public from our www.VectorOptics.store website.

** Be Aware - You Have the Right to Know **

Beware of the many sellers on eBay, Amazon and other websites selling products branded as Vector Optics that are actually low quality replicas. Most of these sellers products are replicas manufactured with little to no quality standards, most of the products are constructed of ABS plastic and are designed for use on Airsoft guns. Most of these sellers are not going to offer you a warranty and if they do in most cases they will not honor the warranty if you have issues. When you purchase from VectorOptics.store you can be confident you are going to receive authentic Vector Optics products manufactured with the highest quality materials, products designed to stand up to real weapons recoil and that we are going to stand behind the products 100% with our full 5 year warranty and 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Vector Optics Brand

Our Vector Optics Brand has been around for many years and chances are you've seen our products at Gun Shows and Retail Gun Stores. Now you are able to purchase our Vector Optics Brand directly from VectorOptics.store. Our products that show in-stock are shipped directly from our warehouse in UTAH so you receive them in just a few days. If you are a retail merchant and want to stock our Vector Optics brand please register on our site and contact us at [email protected] for wholesale pricing.

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